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June 12, 2010



June 13, 2008

the role of the designer...

Nurul and I had a chat last night:

her title is something like;
The role of the communication/graphic design in the shaping/disseminating/construction/development of the national cultural identity (NCID) of Malaysia...

we started talking about Wokar and how her research had been encouraged to go in the direction of western cultural theory. Nurul's research is also connected to the identity of an 'eastern' nation. Her research can easily be discussed along the lines of post-colonial theory, or national v's cultural identity. One thing that her research really IS about though is the role of the communication designer in this national cultural identity. It is not yet clear (to me at least) whether this is relating to the contribution comm designers have to changing the perception of NCID, or constructing that NCID, or whether there is something about defining 'what' their comm design activity brings about or 'allows' to happen.

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June 02, 2008

creating links

I've been reading an article by Zeeuw (a cybernetician), he's been reading Pask's Interaction of Actors writing, he is describing different ways of doing research and the incorporation of values into research.

He describes a researcher wanting to reduce freq of women being raped on campus.... in looking at all the responses they found no 'one' answer... however they found that if they invited women at risk to look at all the responses they received then they found those women would synthesise something of use... the researchers were no longer treating the at risk women as partners in creating collectives (P-individuals)...

so the stories allowed the women to 'keep thinking'

these stories are acting like morals... they help us to read situations and react appropriately

moral tales are like the apache stories woven into the land, they guide us through the land.. again the Picador Nature Reader book chapter about the North American Indigenous people and their stories...

communication design as conversation, as negotiation, as story-making, involving the other....

May 20, 2008


perhaps I have managed to reduce/refine my keywords somewhat


Making Conversation: Communication Design as a social activity

design research / practice-led research / materialising conversation / design ontologies / bringing-into-being / transformative action / relational design / radical design / the social space of communication / what communication designers do, in practice, and the community around them / communication design / communication design as conversation / communication design as materialising knowledge / the social experience of communication design


Communication design and the other: a socially-situated practice

keywords: design and the other / bringing-into-being / transformative activity / relational design / radical design / what communication designers do / communication design as conversation / communication design as materialising knowledge / practice-led design research

still working on it...

what this research is about

- an alternative approach to comm design

- an alternative understanding of comm design

- seeing comm design as an activity which is allowed to happen through the presence of the other (the designer if you are the client, the client if you are the designer, the audience if you are the client)

- comm design as a transforming activity (transform/change/articulate/express/materialise/connect/synthesise)

- comm design as a form independent activity (design communication not communication materials, so designing the communication of the other through the communication materials)

- the changes to the public perception of comm design allowed through this new approach

- the changes to comm design education allowed through this new approach

- the changes to comm design's self-awareness allowed through this new approach

so, while I talk about the other in comm design I am actually talking about the role of the other, and the role of comm design in providing an other...